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3 Axels 15K - 16K


3 Axels Instal


2 Axels Instal


5K Single Axle


8K Single Axle


7K-8K Tandem Axle


8K Tandem Axle


12K Tandem Axle with one lift


10K-12K Tandem Axle


15K-16K Tandem Axle


8K Triple Axle


7K-8K Triple Axles


10K-12K Triple Axle


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The axle weights listed are for each individual axle not the combined weight.

Single Axle Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension

Single Axle Trailer Flex AIr Ride Suspension Kit

Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension Kits Include:

1- 12 Volt 100% Duty Cycle Air Compressor

1- One Gallon Air Tank (single axle suspensions)

  - Five Gallon Air Tank (tandem/triple axle suspensions)

1- Air Pressure Switch

1- Air Regulator

1- Wiring Harness +Air Fittings

35ft- 3/8" Air Line

1- On/Off Compressor Switch

1- Leveling Valve

1- Dump Valve

1- Load Gauge **Hot shot trailers only

1- Air Chuck (for accessories)

  - Air Bags, "various brands"

  - Hydraulic Shocks

  - Suspension Towers, Trailing Arms, and Axle Collars

  - Shut off Valves for each Air Bag

* Amount of certain parts depends on the number of axles

* All kits include all the required hardware for installation of your Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension