We wanted to develop an air ride suspensions that could be installed on a wide range of RV trailers, 5th Wheels, goose-neck trailers, car haulers, and so much more. Our patented Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspensions have gone through the 1000 mile durability test at the Bosch Test Track in Michigan and had passed with flying colours.

Like our Auto Flex Air Ride Suspensions, Trailer Flex was designed based on the technology used in Semi-trucks and includes our welded axle connection so there are no U-bolts to worry about. It reduces the vibrations of your trailer which not only extends the life of your trailer but also your cargo and equipment. It also prevents the unwanted movement of items during transit,  this means you don't have to re-shelf everything in your RV when you finally get to where you are going.

We can accommodate any axle configuration from single axle to triple axle and it doesn't matter how far apart your axles are.


“I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth the ride was and all the cupboards stayed closed on the items on the shelves stayed put. It is one of the best investments I have made and I am highly considering the Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension system by these guys. The acceleration is better, rides better, handles better, and braking is a dream.”

                                 - John from Eastern Nebraska

The ride with the Trailer-Flex system was so much smoother that at times I had to remind myself that I was towing a 5th wheel RV.

                                         -Bob from Florida