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Refurbished and Gently Used Items:

These items are very low mileage suspensions that were used for display purposes. The springs were removed during the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension installations done at our facility and are low mileage.

The refurbished Auto Flex suspension comes with a new air supply and 90-day warranty on the air supply and a one-year warranty on the suspension components. For more information on any of these items please contact us.

All prices are listed in CDN and do not include taxes or shipping.

Refurbished Auto Flex:

F-150 (2015-2020) refurbished Suspension. $3500.00 CDN

Complete kit.  Optional upgrades - Extra


 Sprinter Van 3500 (2012 or newer) Auto Flex (4 bag)- $3775.00


Gently Used Springs:

  1. 3- F350-450 Heavy Duty set with helper leafs- $1075.00/set

  2. 2-F-250 spring set without helper leafs- $875.00/set

  3. 1-F250 used spring set without helper leaf -$675.00/set

  4. 1- F150 spring set (2010 or over)- $875.00/set



f-150 refurbished 4.png
f-150 refurbished 1.png
f-150 refurbished 3.png
Refurbished F-150
Refurbished F-150
Refurbished F-150

Interested in buying or need more information?

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