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1. Open drain cock on the bottom of your air tank and let it drain until empty.


2. Close drain cock on air tank


3. You will need a ½” airhose that is approximately 10ft long with #23 coupler (as shown in picture) with male/female ends. Remove male end of the coupler from the hose and fill air hose with methyl hydrate.


4. Install male end back onto air hose. Be careful not to spill the methyl hydrate.


5. Attach coupler set to air chuck on your vehicle and connect female end of air hose to coupler set on vehicle.


6. Connect male end to your shop air compressor to send methyl hydrate through the system.


7. Disconnect air hose and coupler set quickly from vehicle end first to lock in the methyl hydrate into the vehicles system.

8. Check system for leaks using soapy water. These steps can be repeated with regular maintenance to ensure that freeze ups do not occur, or as needed.

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