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All upgrades are available on all vehicle models. For more information or to inquire about prices please contact us.

Air Tanks:

One Gallon Tank

Three Gallon Tank

Five Gallon Tank

* if you plan on using heavier air accessories with your compressor and tank we recommend upgrading from the one gallon to a three gallon tank

Kit Options/Upgrades:
Air Compressor:

High end air compressors, various brands

Air Bags:

We offer a variety of air bag brands and if you want to order extra we'd be happy to add it into the kit for you.

Upgrade to a Dual Leveling Valve- allow you to adjust ride height from side to side 

Air Override- Allows you to override the air and fill the airbags for extra height when needed

Air Gauge in Cab- Allows you to monitor your load in the cab (modifications required on interior)

Shut Off Valve for Both Sides- For the four bag systems

Electric Dump Valve in Cab- Includes a switch in the cab of your truck that allows you to dump the air from the air bags to lower the vehicle.


Each Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension is painted black but if you want to have your suspension painted to match your truck we can do that for you. 


Call or email our knowledgeable sales team today!

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dual leveling valve
Dual Leveling Valve
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