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4 Corner Air Ride Suspension



NOW AVALIBLE, the long awaited 4-corner air ride suspension for the Light Commercial Vehicle Class Mini Vans.  We have them available for the complete line of Ford Transits and Ram ProMasters.  These suspensions fall into the same bolt-on design as the rest of our line of products which means, no welding, cutting, drilling, or rearranging of the chassis or axle housing. The unladen weight of the chassis usually remains the same or very close on most vehicles to allow for the maximum GVW of each vehicle. Along with the smooth ride, improved handling, and braking, these units can kneel the front, 4” and the rear 5”.  This cuts the degree angle of the ramp slope down significantly for ease of entry and exit for wheelchairs users or walkers., if parked beside a curb, it’s a straight entrance.

The air ride suspension supply mimics the Semi’s for reliability, longevity, and speed. It is coupled with an air dryer and drain valve to contend with moisture build up for all climates. This can be hands free or driver controlled. We have a variety of kneeling options to suit your needs.

Our manufacturing facility can handle large orders for a quick turnaround time.

 Our team can do installations at our facility, or on-site training is available. We also provide tech support 6 days a week.

Call or email the sales team at 1-807-623-0590 or for more details and pricing.  Front and rear suspension can be sold separately to accommodate your customers' needs.

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