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Here are some the more common questions we get asked, but feel free to contact us with your own inquiries.

What does the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension do for my vehicle?

The purpose of air suspension is to provide a smooth, constant ride quality whether carrying a full-load or empty.  Improved vehicle control and safety with better acceleration and braking (20 ft at 60mph) maintaining even constant contact with all four tires.  The air ride suspension system also improves fuel economy and reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle.


Does the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension require any modification to the vehicle?

No, it does not require any modifications to the vehicle, the auto flex simply bolts into the place where the existing springs were located without any welding or drilling for an easy installation. Axle connections remain untouched as well. This makes it so the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension does not void your factory warranty.


How does the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension compare to Air Assist Suspension?

Auto Flex Air Suspension is a complete air suspension similar to the technology found in transport trucks.  The air assist suspension is simply an airbag that fits on top of the spring which does not do anything for ride quality. An air assist overcompensates the ride and predicts the vehicle is full at all times as most do not have a leveling valve resulting in stiffer empty load rides and a more rigid experience so more bumps will be felt on the road.  The auto flex has a leveling valve to ensure optimal ride performance at all times whether empty or full and is an all-season suspension.  Auto Flex suspensions also reduce side to side sway when cornering.

Is the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension transferable to another vehicle?

Yes, depending on the year, make, and length of spring in your suspension.  It can easily be adapted to a new or different model vehicle. Please contact us to ensure there will be a proper fit


Where can I buy an Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension?

You can purchase an Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension system at the following dealers or you can contact us and buy directly from Auto Flex. If there is not a dealer in your area, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you.


How long does the average install take?

The average installation takes roughly 10 hours at a certified/experienced automotive spring shop. if you do choose to do the install yourself we recommend that you set aside a least a day or two for the first install.


Does the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension system come with installation instructions?

Yes, it comes with a complete manual.  Each system is sent with the instructions included, if you have lost your instructions we will gladly e-mail a revised edition. The instructions also include common troubleshooting tips.


How much PSI does an Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension compressor air tank hold?

It will run anywhere from 90 to 145 PSI, depending on your vehicle.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship or parts. The included air components have a suppliers warranty on them.


Does the Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension eliminate the bounce that is associated with an empty box?

Yes. The Auto Flex system replaces the stock gas shocks with hydraulic shocks which will greatly reduce or eliminate the bounce you can experience when the back of your truck is empty. So there is no need to load your back end down to get a smooth ride.

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