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Winter is Here

northern ontario winter on Auto Flex Air Ride Suspension

As mush as we all want to fight it and deny it, winter has arrived. Most of us prepare our vehicles for the chill with oil changes, winter tires, and sub zero windshield washer fluid, but what about your Auto Flex/Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension?

Well the large air lines ensures that they won't freeze but there are steps to take to make sure you have a smooth winter with your air ride suspension.

Winterizing Steps:

1. Open drain cock on the bottom of the air tank and let it drain until empty.

2. Close drain cock on tank

3. Take your shop air hose (will need approx. 10ft with a #23 coupler that has a male and female ends) and remove the male end of the coupler from the hose and fill the air hose with methyl hydrate.

4. Carefully install the male end back onto the air hose without spilling the methyl hydrate.

5. Attach coupler set to the air accessory chuck on your vehicle and then attach the female end of the air hose to the coupler.

6. Connect male end to your shops air compressor and send the methyl hydrate through the air system of your Auto Flex/Trailer Flex Air Ride Suspension.

7. Quickly disconnect air hose and coupler set from vehicle to lock the methyl hydrate in your suspension's air system.

8. Check system for leaks with soapy water. these steps can be repeated with regular maintenance schedule to ensure that freeze ups do not occur.

Remember if you have any questions about this process or any other give us a call or email and we'd be happy to help you in anyway we can.

Happy Winter!

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