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Upfit your daily driver/tow vehicle 


Upfit your daily driver/tow vehicle




Today, Creative Bus Sales, the nation's largest commercial bus dealership, announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Auto-Flex air ride suspension systems.

The agreement offers expanded distribution, service, and installation centers of the Auto-Flex systems. "The agreement will significantly benefit our customers by providing an affordable and reliable air ride suspension system for the transit and commercial vehicle markets," said Mark Matijevich, Creative Bus Sales VP Operations.

“We look forward to working with the Creative Bus Sales team to better serve the needs of their valued customers new and old with a smooth, comfortable ride with an easy access entrance,” said Derrick & Paul Legros, owners of Auto Flex Air Ride Suspensions.

The Auto-Flex system offers a QVM compliant bolt-on air ride system for any commercial fleet wanting a smooth ride for passengers or sensitive cargo. The kneeling feature allows easy access when unloading passengers or cargo towards the rear of the vehicle. Requiring no Ford OEM chassis modification, the system can be installed or serviced at any one of Creative Bus Sales or Green Alternative Systems Ford QVM participant locations.

For additional information on the Auto-Flex system, please contact Brendan Schenk.

Brendan Schenk | Sales Administrator
Creative Bus Sales, Inc.
O | 909-465-5528 | ext. 151



All makes and models for 1/2 ton up to 1 ton trucks.



All makes and models of vehicles including class 8.

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RV Trailers & Motorhomes

All brands of motorhomes, towable and 5th wheel trailers from single to multiple axle and weight ratings.


Trailer Flex

All brands of commercial and RV trailers with single to multiple axles and weight ratings (including the "hotshot" industry).


Improves breaking

Provides better gas mileage

Maintains vehicle ride height

Improves road handling

More comfortable ride

“it’s like driving a hovercraft with better turning! I feel like I am on air and don’t feel any bumps at all”

Rick, Thunder Bay, ON Canada

“I have driven over 500,000 kilometres on Autoflex’s Air Ride suspension over the past six years.  The consistency that it provides makes it a must-have for the endless miles I drive on Northwestern Ontario roads.  Having the Autoflex suspension provides an extra layer of comfort and safety whether I’m travelling rough gravel roads or towing a large load down the highway at night.  No matter the situation, I know my truck will ride smoothly with the cab and headlights at their designed level, making my visibility always consistent and the best it can be.  The suspension outlasts the life of my trucks, and Dereck and Autoflex are always great to work with.  I’ve added their suspension to three of my trucks now, Dereck’s become my first call every time I pick up a new truck. 

Wyatt Pawluk, President
Kabi Lake Forest Products”

“the traction side to side has substantially improved as previous systems did not have a swaybar for lean on the freeway.  I even notice a difference without towing as braking has improved. I’ve had to stop short a couple of times and the results can potentially be life-saving. My ¾ tonne truck drives and handles like a ½ tonne on the highway”

— Gary from California


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